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Solar Energy at Boothbay Harbor Inn

Green Hotel

Lafayette Hotels of Boothbay Harbor have partnered with local solar company ReVision Energy to install grid-tied photovoltaic solar energy arrays at the Boothbay Harbor Inn and Tugboat Inn through the GridSolar Boothbay pilot project.

In 2014, 152 panels at Boothbay Harbor Inn produced 53,640 kWh of zero-emission solar power. This array offset 28.43 tCO2(metric tons of carbon dioxide) emissions. The 80 panels at the Tugboat Inn produced 25,726 kWh of zero-emission solar power and offset 13.63 tCO2 emissions.

The total savings for the two properties in emissions is equivalent to*:

The Annual Greenhouse emissions of:

CO2 emissions from:

The amount of carbon sequestered by:

* Source: “Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator” on

Green Hotel Solar Panels - Boothbay Harbor Inn Maine